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So my college roommate last year just checked in for her DCP today, and the lucky little goose was assigned to the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction in Animal Kingdom like seriously did she bribe her interviewer or

If any of you are interested in following her along her Disney journey, she’s running an actual blog-blog instead of a tumblr-blog: Eileen Dreams of Disney

Go check her out!! She’s fab so by association you’ll become fab too.

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DCP Fall 2014 Character Auditions!



attention friends applying for DCP fall 2014!!!!

it has been brought to my attention that audition dates have been put up for the fall applicants! you can visit the DCP blog page to find out more info such as times and locations but here’s the dates and the cities where auditions are being held:

  • Ann Arbor, MI: March 11
  • Atlanta, GA: March 15
  • Charlotte, NC: March 11
  • Chicago, IL: March 13
  • Columbus, OH: March 9
  • Dallas, TX: March 15
  • Louisville, KY: March 11
  • Nashville, TN: March 9
  • New York City, NY: March 9
  • Orlando, FL: March 6
  • Philadelphia, PA: March 13
  • Phoenix, AZ: March 9
  • Salt Lake City, UT: March 11
  • San Francisco, CA: March 7

if you’re interested in the character performer role, make plans to go to one of these cities for an audition! like I said up there make sure you check out the blog page for more info like FAQ, helpful videos, and times/locations for each of the auditions. break a leg friends!!!!!

Hello my lovely followers! To those applying for the Fall 2014 DCP and interested in being a character performer, here is the audition schedule! If you have any questions, feel free to message me! I went through a character audition! :)

^ I went through one as well; it was the mid-program one in hopes of extending into a Character Performer role, but I’m pretty sure we went through nearly exactly the same sorts of things. Ask me questions if you’d like to! :D

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"Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height"

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Anonymous said:
hi there! i am a hopeful DCP fall 2014 applicant and i'm just trying to get a feel of how things are going to work out for me financially. merch is one of my top role choices and i was wondering if you would share your hourly rate. also if you know any of the other hourly wages for other roles that would be wonderful. thanks so much!

I answered:

For Merchandise at Epcot I was paid $7.79 an hour, Florida minimum wage, which is what most roles will pay on the College Program. However, one of my roommates worked QSFB at the Magic Kingdom and was paid over $8 an hour. (EDIT (via wingtips-waltz): All QSFB roles are paid $8/hr; you receive an extra $0.75 if you work at the Magic Kingdom). I thinkkkkk Character Performers get paid a bit more as well, but most roles will pay minimum wage—even if those same roles for full-timers and part-timers pay more. College Program wages are really, very, unfortunately lackluster. They basically just give us enough to get by. /sigh

Good luck applying!!


kimischn7 said:
Hi! I am hoping to join the Disney College Program for fall of 2014, and I was curious about getting around Florida. Would it be better to drive, or take the bus? Also, what is the rent like? Thank you so much!!

I answered:

Depends on where you live! I live in North Carolina and I drove about 10 or 11 hours to get down there—and it was a fabulous decision because lemme tell you, having your car and not having to rely on bus transportation to and from work is the actual best thing. If you can drive, drive. 

The rent is between $86 and $105, depending on where you live and how many rooms/people are in your apartment. The more rooms/people, the lower the price, and the general fees of housing complexes from cheapest to most expensive is, I think, Vista Way, Chatham Square, Patterson Court and The Commons (‘cause they have washers and dryers right in their apartments, fancy fancy). 

I lived in Patterson with a three bedroom/six person apartment, and our rent per person was $91/week.

Good luck on your application!! 


Anonymous said:
Hey! here are a couple questions I have...1. DO you have to pay anything to get into the program? 2. Not sure if you would know, but if you go to the college program to do entertainment as a face character what happens if you dont get a role at auditions, are you not allowed to do the DCP then? 3. When you did the college program did you take classes online or did you take a semester off? 4. Do you know how much face characters get paid? Thanks so much!

I answered:

1. Yes. For the Walt Disney World College Program in Orlando, Florida, there’s about a $300 fee (a $100 Program Assessment Fee + a $200 Housing and Administration Fee) for your first weeks of housing, because our first check is hardly substantial and we don’t make the real money until a couple weeks after check-in.

For the Disneyland College Program in Anaheim, California, it’s a more expensive fee at around $860 (a $100 Program Assessment Fee + a $200 Security Deposit + a $560 Housing and Administration Fee). 

These are the only costs to get into the program, though our rent for housing ($86-$105 per week for the Walt Disney World program; $140 per week for Disneyland) is taken out of our paychecks each week. 

Here is the link to the “Fees” tab on the College Program website, if you need any further clarification :)

2. They don’t cast you as a Character Performer until after you’ve attended an audition. Sometimes, you’ll have your Phone Interview and be assigned a role (like QSFB, Merchandise, Attractions etc.) even before the audition for your area is scheduled to occur. If you want to be considered for a Character Performer role, attend the audition, do your best, and if the Casting CMs think you’d fit a part they’re looking for, your role will be changed and you’ll receive another email informing you of their decision.

Again, you cannot be assigned a role as a Character Performer without first attending auditions.

3. I took the semester off, because my particular university does not offer transfer credit for the program. However, my roommate was able to take online classes through her university while also earning credit for the program with assigned worksheets from her school that she discussed with her managers.

There are also classes you can take throughthe program itself, which, again, some universities do or don’t offer credit for. Your best option really depends on the way your school handles the program for transfer credit, so make sure you check with a school advisor for opportunities for credit before jumping headlong into an internship!

4. I think face characters get paid around $12/hr, but that’s if you’re working the role full-time or part-time—not if you’re on the College Program. CPs get paid less than any other level of Cast Member, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for getting fancy-money even if you were selected for a fancy role. 

Also, sidenote, if you do happen to get selected for a Character Performer role, it’s much, much more likely you’ll be friends with the fur characters, not the face characters. CPs are only there for a short period of time, and Casting CMs can’t have your availability for such a high-demand/high-performance role compromised by the length of your program. That being said, it’s not impossible :)

Best of luck!!


c-bear-attack said:
Hello! So I just watched like all of your videos and I think you're hilarious and you got me so excited to leave for Disney in about two weeks. Your roommates and you seem really close and I was wondering if you had picked each other before your program started or did you all go random? I'm really nervous about going random but I haven't really found anyone on the Facebook page that I wanted to room with. Thoughts?

I answered:

:D You’re too sweet, thank you.

But you’re right, I am hilarious.

My roommates and I picked each other in pairs, but the six of us together didn’t all know each other until the day we moved in. Meagan and I met through Tumblr and decided to room together ‘cause we were both awesome, Georgia and Hailey knew each other from home and Kara and Ciara are cousins (if you couldn’t tell, they look a lot alike; so much so we couldn’t tell them apart for about two weeks). So each of the three pairs planned on rooming together, but we had no idea which apartment complex we’d be assigned or what size apartment we were going to get, and it just happened to be the best arrangement possible. 

Which isn’t normally the case, we heard via our coworkers, so basically we lucked out.

Random could work too—I know a lot of coworkers who went random and love their roommates (just not everyone else in their apartment), so it’s not like if you go random you’re getting the shoddy leftovers. If you haven’t found anyone you click with, there’s no reason to try to make it work, I think. Going random could give you a fabulous human being as your new best friend :D

Best of luck!!


Anonymous said:
Hey Tiffany, I'm not sure if you could answer my question but it won't hurt to ask! Would it affect my chances of getting into DCP if I've never had a paid job? The only experience I have is volunteer work and community service. btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! :D

I answered:

Nope! Especially if you’ve got volunteer work and community service under your belt, there’s absolutely no reason Disney would turn you away if you haven’t had a real, paying job just yet.

Now if you’ve gotten fired from a real, paying job, they’ll care about that—so you’re in a lovely position just where you are. Be sure include all your volunteer/service experience in your application and you’re absolutely golden!

Ah, yes and I can see just how long it’s been since I’ve checked my inbox. Fabulous. HAPPY NEW YEAR :D


faithdoesdisney said:
I did the DCP in 2012, but had to self term, because I found out my mom had very aggressive breast cancer. Also, i missed 3 days of work prior to terming to pack all of my things, etc. so thats 1 reprimand, Well, during the first week of actual work, I refractured an old fracture doing a cartwheel with a guest and I received another rep for that, because it was outside of my duties. So,2 reps all together. I want to do the program again, think i'll have a chance? Thanks! I love your blog, btw!!

I answered:

I don’t know much about rehire status, but I do know that—generally—those who self-term aren’t really looked upon for rehire in a favorable light. That being said, if you get through the application process to the phone interview, I would be sure to explain exactly why you had to self-term (just like for taking days off, I don’t think the company particularly cares why you did—just that you did) and clear up any confusion there might be on your desire to work professionally with the company. If you can get to a place where you can explain your situation, I definitely think you’ve got a chance! Plus, you made it past all that stuff for your previous program; no reason why you won’t be able to again :)

Good luck!!


Ok I’ve got about six asks in my inbox of which Tumblr neglected to notify me, so a) I’m very sorry I haven’t answered you yet and b) I’ll get right on it :D 

…after a housing event for my hall that starts in ten minutes. Oop.

If anyone else has questions about the Disney College Program please don’t hesitate to shoot an ask my way—I guess I’ll just have to start checking my inbox even without the little notification numbers. 


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think of all the joy you’ll find when you leave the world behind

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“By opening night, everyone expected a minor catastrophe. When Peter endeavors to save Tinker Bell’s life, he shouts to the audience, “Do you believe in fairies? If you believe, wave your handkerchiefs and clap your hands!” Because Barrie was convinced that the play would be a disaster and that this line would be greeted with silence from the stylish adult audience, he had arranged with the musical director to have the orchestra put down their instruments and clap. As it turned out, when Nina Boucicault asked if anyone believed in fairies, the audience applauded so enthusiastically that she burst into tears.”

Introduction to Peter Pan by Amy Billone (via thymoss)

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The Avengers Script [X]

"like a piece of shit rag doll" whedon is a poet

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